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Here is where you can learn more about C & T Tire and Automotive in Fort Collins, CO. For example, did you know that C & T Automotive has a Facebook page? You can support your local Fort Collins Colorado auto and truck repair on Facebook.

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C & T Works on all makes and Models

The most honest auto shop in town!!! Would be broke but instead your honesty has saved me a TON!!! you all do such a good thorough job on my car. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Good, honest work. They know what they're doing. Fair prices. I trust them with my Jag, and that's saying a lot.
Best shop around. I took my truck them for a second estimate after the first shop gave me a $4000+ quote. They checked it out and disagreed with the first shop. They fixed a bunch of stuff on my truck and the final bill was only a couple hundred bucks. Thanks guys!
They are Fantastic! I wont take my car anywhere else, I had moved out of town to CA and shops here are nothing to CT. As everyone has said you guys rock!!! friendly, caring, n good work /fast! I recommend them to my family when they have any problems with there car or anything. Thank you everyone!!!

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C & T can handle all of your tire and wheel needs - including specialty and high performance

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